Our 5 favorite Insta accounts for tall-girl fashion

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I never really thought much about it until I got to high school when all of a sudden some not a lot, but some of the boys were taller than me. I was in shock! I had towered over them for years and now a few of them towered over me. I had never felt so short. I got used to this again until the boys were done with their season and back in the pool with us, and I was short again. Every year this still shocks me. I have always liked being tall.

BlissMark may earn a commission when you buy through links on our locate. But in reality, those extra inches can make it difficult to achieve clothes that fit properly. Shirts aim into crop tops, and trousers be converted into capris. And finding styling ideas be able to be just as much of a challenge. To find outfit inspiration after that fashion tips, many women turn en route for Instagram, which provides an equal dais for influencers of all shapes after that sizes. Jay posts tons of adorable outfits for everyday wear and dressier occasions.

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