How 2 Toronto women are reshaping what it means to be South Asian and taking that message worldwide

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Two South Asian women from the Greater Toronto Area have taken their conversations around cultural pressure and brought them to the forefront by creating a peer support group called Burnt Out Daughters. The initiative was started by Nivetha Sivaranjan and her friend, Farwa Farshori. They cooked up the idea in during a long drive up to Muskoka searching for butter tarts. Both women talked about feeling burned out by the expectations placed on them as South Asian women, which included pressure around relationships, getting married and having children. The group, which began on Zoom six months ago, is now also on the social media app Clubhouse. Originally, the group was focused on women in the GTA, but sessions have since included young women from the U. Sivaranjan says Burnt Out Daughters never sought to act like a formal therapy group, but discussions during sessions have always felt like a form of therapy for those participating. So it was nice to

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