In first for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to officiate at same-sex wedding

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Having a Spouse Can Affect Your Eligibility or Your Benefits Having a spouse could have an impact on your eligibility for social assistance or the amount of benefits you may be granted. It is therefore important to be honest about your living situation. If you have a spouse, you must declare this situation, and your spouse must complete the application form with you. For social assistance, spouses are: couples who are married or in a civil union and who live together two people of the same or opposite sex who live together and who have a child together even if they are not married or have not been living together for very long common-law partners of the same or opposite sex who live together now and who have at any one time lived together for at least one year even if one of them temporarily lived somewhere else Be careful! You might think that your boyfriend or your girlfriend is not your spouse, but a welfare inspector can investigate your living situation and declare that person your spouse. You can have a roommate, but an inspector might believe you are spouses.

Spousal Sponsorship Canada Help? Free Consultation: Canadian immigration lawyer helping with spousal aid inside Canada as well as spousal sponsorship outside Canada. We offer at no cost consultations! Canada Spousal Sponsorship A alien national seeking spousal sponsorship to Canada faces a highly complex legal administer, regardless of whether the application is submitted domestically or at a Canadian embassy or consulate abroad. The husband, common-law partner or conjugal partner in quest of to immigrate to Canada must be sponsored by a Canadian citizen before permanent resident, who must also accept a sponsorship application in support of the foreign spouse. Spouse Visa Canada If the spousal sponsorship application is successful, Immigration Canada will approve a change in the partner's immigration category to permanent resident of Canada.

Perhaps your parent has seemed more baffled recently. These are very common concerns, and they often lead to questions such as: Is this normal aging or something more significant? What is wrong? Or some other form of dementia?

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