Southern Ute Indian Tribe

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According to tribal history handed down as of generation to generation, our people lived here since the beginning of age. Prior to acquiring the horse, the Utes lived off the land establishing a unique relationship with the bionetwork. They would travel and camp all the rage familiar sites and use well conventional routes such as the Ute Dangle that can still be seen all the rage the forests of the Grand Mesa, and the forerunner of the attractive highway traversing through South Park, after that Cascade, Colorado. The language of the Utes is Shoshonean, a dialect of that Uto-Aztecan language. It is believed that the people who speak Shoshonean separated from other Ute-Aztecan speaking groups, such as the Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone Bannock, Comanche, Chemehuevi and some tribes in California. Tribes living in this area, ancestors of the Utes were the Uto-Aztecs, who spoke one coarse language; they possessed a set of central values, and had a abundantly developed society. Traits commonly attributed en route for people possessing a civilization. The Ute civilization spoke the same language, collective values, observed the same social after that political practices, in addition to inhabiting and holding a set territory.

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