15 Things to Do in Oahu

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Even those lucky enough to call Hawaii home enjoy a getaway to our beautiful hotel just a short walk from Waikiki Beach. Plan a stay and take advantage of our special Kama'aina offer Hawaii is an English-speaking state, but it was only made a state on August 21, For that reason, the native Hawaiian language plays a very strong role in the current day to day Hawaiian lifestyle. You will have no issues with non-English speaking people while visiting Hawaii, but it is a great idea to learn a few Hawaiian phrases to show that you respect the culture. To help you learn these 22 Hawaiian Phrases to learn before you visit Hawaii, consider printing out this list and study on your flight, which leaves in an hour — hurry! The Hawaiian language is recognized as the second official state language of the State of Hawaii. It is impossible to fully appreciate a visit to the Hawaiian Islands without learning some of the Hawaiian language.

Along with its blue skies, white sands after that pink umbrella drinks, Hawaii is individual of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It receives about 10 million visitors per year, after that many of them head straight designed for the capital city of Honolulu. It has rich reservoirs of culture after that history, and some of its landmarks are quite literally one of a kind. Are you traveling to Honolulu for your dream vacation? Nestled all the rage the heart of a tropical can forest, Manoa Falls is a foot cascade that empties into a shimmering astound pool. Visitors can take tours, eavesdrop to audio recordings and look by vintage displays of clothes, fixtures, equipment and artifacts of long-lost royalty. The more advanced packages involve feeding, petting and socializing with them, and after everyone is acquainted, you can snorkel underwater with the dolphins swimming altogether around you. High-rise buildings loom above its beaches, and colorful shopfronts ceremony souvenirs and surfboards. You can achieve the beach, take a lei-making brand, shop at outdoor markets or picnic under a fireworks show over the bay.

This post includes affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclosure. Ultimate guide en route for the Waikiki nightlife: updated with the latest trends and full of appealing things to do at night all the rage Waikiki. With fun ideas for all pocket! When the sun goes along, Waikiki starts singing and dancing. All the rage lounges and over-the-top clubs are all over.

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We may earn a commission from associate links. Waikiki enjoys a reputation designed for being the world's most famous coast resort, blessed with South Sea ability. This small, flat area of Honolulu is where the majority of visitors to Hawaii spend their holidays. Waikiki is the heart of Honolulu, but not of the whole of the Hawaiian islands.


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