Moving from self-destruct to self-care

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Last year we asked our Instagram followers how they recognise when they need more self-care. Some people referenced physical symptoms like tension headaches, spots, illness, being run down, fatigue, and others talked about mental symptoms like not being able to concentrate or speak properly, forgetfulness, depression, anxiety and tension. I could relate totally to everything that was said, and I have learned the hard way over the years that self-care really is essential to my happiness and wellbeing. It was all about socialising and partying. I also loved music and that went hand in hand with going out. I had a safe and sheltered childhood and loving parents.

The Blunt Instrument is an advice article for writers. If you need arduous advice for a writing problem, convey your question to blunt electricliterature. I am back with a sadder ask. Since publishing my book, I allow come to hate it. Hate is maybe the wrong word. I am ashamed of it, and in aim, myself. I believe now that I rushed into publishing it because the opportunity was there. I got swept up in the excitement. I went for it and now when I even think about it, I air terrible.


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