How to Cuddle Like You Mean It : And Why You Should

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My life is going well, I like what I do, and I have a good group of friends that I spend time with on the regular. I was thinking of reaching out to a female acquaintance of mine and asking her if she would be down to cuddle with me periodically in a legitimately non-sexual way. Solid intention! I mean, yes, there are definitely weird ways that you could go about asking for your cuddle request to be met, but the intention of wanting to cuddle with someone is totally normal, healthy, and great. Hence, why I felt compelled to write this article. Why Cuddling Is Awesome Cuddling is the best. Human beings are a social species, therefore we were made to connect with each other. And one of the main ways that we connect to each other is through physical contact.

It also displays trust, since it leaves your partner more vulnerable. This arrange makes it easy to snatch a kiss or two … or three. Orange is the New Black, anyone? According to a study , couples who cuddled after sex reported advanced sexual satisfaction and higher relationship agreement. Research suggests oxytocin helps you acquaintance with those in your inner ball. In other words, the more you cuddle with your closest friends, the tighter your bond will be. Ascertain more: The health benefits of closeness » Boosts immune system If you make Swedish massage part of your cuddling routine, your immune system bidding seriously up its game. Swedish knead is a massage technique that uses long, gliding strokes, firm kneading, after that tapping. According to a study , people who received Swedish massage had: more white blood cells that argue disease lymphocytes less of a hormone arginine vasopressin that increases the accent hormone cortisol a decrease in existing cortisol levels a decrease in cytokines that may cause inflammation Helps you communicate emotions Research confirms that affect is a way to communicate emotions such as love, gratitude, and agreement between loved ones.

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