Body Piercing Guide—Sites Styles What to Expect Healing and Care

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Selecting the Right Piercing Artist and Studio Piercing Safety Body Piercing Aftercare When to See a Doctor Even though body piercings are not as permanent as tattoos, you still want to take some care when deciding where and how to get pierced. After all, body art makes a statement and can be part of your identity. There are so many different types and styles to choose from, not to mention locations on the body. And the typical pain levels, risks, and healing times differ between different types of piercings. Knowing these factors can help you make the right decision and best prepare when deciding on a new piercing. A piercing is also an investment and carries the potential for infection, so it's important that you go to a hygienic and reputable studio and adhere to all the proper aftercare instructions to properly clean your new piercing. So, while it might seem like getting something as small as a little piercing should be simple, as it turns out, there's a lot to think about. After all, you want to stay healthy and safe, have a successful piercing experience, and enjoy your new body art for years to come. So, to help us cover all the must-know information about body piercings, we turned to a professional body piercer and a dermatologist.

We're also extremely proud of our Piercers who, along with our team, allow built a world class and authority Body Piercing experience. With over 15 years in business, our mission is to provide a kind and accurate piercing experience in the cleanest of environments. We use only high attribute, implant grade Titanium thread-less and inside threaded professional body jewelry. We adoration educating each client on what it takes to successfully heal your additional piercing while creating an easy available and comfortable environment. Any deposits made to Certified Tattoo Studios will be non-refundable under any circumstance. We air forward to seeing you for your next Body Piercings! Minors: For children under 18 years old, we abundantly recommend scheduling a free piercing conference with our Master Piercer.

Women's jewellery The curated ear: why accurate, decorative piercings are the new tattoos A model at the Alexander McQueen show during Paris fashion week all the rage March. But do you know your antitragus from your conch? Wed 3 Jul Look around boutique gyms, co-working spaces for the creative industries and stylish bars, and you bidding see women — mostly in their 20s and 30s — with intricately pierced ears. Although some men are also getting in on the accomplish, this particular piercings trend is predominately led by young women, although consistent data on the subject is arduous to come by. A study bring into being that nearly half of women all the rage England aged had piercings at sites other than the earlobe this built-in sites elsewhere on the body. According to the US piercing studio Boundless Body Piercing, the five most accepted ear placements in were lobes, followed by the outer helix the better cartilage of the ear , tragus the piece of skin immediately all the rage front of the ear canal , conch the inner part of the ear itself , and forward curl the piece of cartilage above the ear canal, where the ear meets the face. She has 10 piercings across both of her ears, altogether in gold.

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