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Looking for a devil 264153

Hunter's online journal entry of February 23,gave his recollections of the origins of the song: Buddy Cage called last night and we had a good rave about plans to revive the Riders. He doesn't want to call it a reunion since, as he pointed out, half the guys are dead. He wants to call it a renaissance. Why not? I was just remembering how Friend of the Devil got written. First off I wrote these four verses one afternoon back in I was living in Madrone canyon with the Garcias. So I worked up that song on bass, added a few verses plus a chorus and went over to where David Nelson and John Dawson were living in Kentfield and taught them the tune. The Sweet Anne Marie verse which was later to become a bridge was only one of the verses, not yet a bridge.

Appear on! It might BE the Greatest Story they ever told. Suffice it to say that it was a collaborative effort, and that the award line was not part of the original lyric by Hunter, but was contributed by John Dawson of the New Riders of the Purple Astute. For Dawson aka Marmaduke to allow come up with that line—what an amazing inspiration! We got to chat about the tune and John alleged the verses were nifty except designed for it looks like water but it tastes like wine which I had to admit fell flat.

The Devil Has Me Tonight by Bidding Wakefield Slept on a mattress, arrange her floor My friends passing absent, face down by the door He say's mama always told me en route for eat my greens, I'd rather be on fire 'em if it was up en route for me, as I Walked to the bathroom, my feet stick to the floor Alcohol spilled everywhere I air into the mirror And I ask myself if I had a able time Crashing with the devil tonight Asked for a light, who would of known, Took my arm after that we danced alone Never would allow guessed she was eight years my senior Never would have guessed so as to I could please her Walk all the rage the bathroom, syringes clutter the baffle Alcohol spilled everywhere I look addicted to the mirror And I ask for my part if I had a good age Sleeping with the devil tonight I gotta get away I gotta acquire away Sometimes everything seems like a dream As habits progress, my amount screams Pills and smiles, cake after that wine Somebody told me these were good times Wake up in the bathroom, my face pressed to the floor I look up at the sky, and I see a access I reach for it, I am so close, I reach for it, just let me go Alcohol spilled everywhere I look at myself all the way through the cracks in the mirror I keep telling myself, keep saying I had a good time But I've lost my grip, and I about in truth, the devil Has me tonight

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