The Lowdown on How to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Chlamydia: Care Instructions Overview Chlamydia is a bacterial infection spread through sexual contact. It's one of the most common sexually transmitted infections STIs. Most people who get chlamydia don't have symptoms. But they can still infect their sex partners. If chlamydia in women is not treated, it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease PIDa severe pelvic infection. PID can make it hard for a woman to get pregnant.

My boyfriend has already had sex after that oral sex with multiple partners. How can I prevent these? Also how can I tell if he has an STD without asking him? Having sex is a huge decision, after that an STD or unplanned pregnancy be able to change your life. Condoms are the best way to prevent pregnancy after that STDs, so be sure to abuse a condom every time you allow sex including oral or anal femininity. That's why you need to address to your boyfriend about your concerns before you have sex. Your boyfriend has been honest about his ancient sexual partners, and that's a authorize he'll be open to talking a propos STDs. Try to work up the courage to talk. You can advantage by asking your boyfriend if he's ever worried about STDs and but he's been tested.

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection STI caused by bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae or gonococcus. It used to be known as the clap. How gonorrhoea is spread The bacteria that affect gonorrhoea are mainly found in absolution from the penis and in vaginal fluid. Gonorrhoea is easily passed amid people through: unprotected vaginal, oral before anal sex sharing vibrators or erstwhile sex toys that have not been washed or covered with a additional condom each time they're used The bacteria can infect the entrance en route for the womb cervix , the cylinder that passes urine out of the body urethra , the rectum after that, less commonly, the throat or eyes. The infection can also be accepted from a pregnant woman to her baby. If you're pregnant and can have gonorrhoea, it's important to acquire tested and treated before your babe is born. Without treatment, gonorrhoea be able to cause permanent blindness in a babe baby. Gonorrhoea is not spread as a result of kissing, hugging, swimming pools, toilet seats or sharing baths, towels, cups, plates or cutlery.

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It's passed on through unprotected sex femininity without a condom and is above all common in sexually active teenagers after that young adults. If you're a female, sexually active and under 25 all the rage England, it's recommended that you allow a chlamydia test once a day, and when you have sex along with new or casual partners. If you're a man, sexually active and below 25 in England, it's recommended so as to you have a chlamydia test a long time ago a year if you are not using condoms with new or accidental partners. Symptoms of chlamydia Most ancestor with chlamydia do not notice a few symptoms and do not know they have it. If you do acquire symptoms, you may experience: pain after peeing unusual discharge from the vagina, penis or bottom in women, ache in the tummy, bleeding after femininity and bleeding between periods in men, pain and swelling in the testicles If you think you're at attempt of having a sexually transmitted bug STI or have any symptoms of chlamydia, visit a GP, community contraceptive service or local genitourinary medicine Bubble gum clinic to get tested. Only attempt to a clinic if you've been told to. Find sexual health consultant contact details How do you acquire chlamydia? Chlamydia is a bacterial bug.


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