Robot or human?

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The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska. The Pioneer Woman. In fact, the first Drummond in Osage County was Frederick Drummond who came to the area in Although he found little success as a rancher, he was still able to make a living as a clerk at the Osage Mercantile Company in Pawhuska - the very same building that the Pioneer Woman renovated and opened on October 31, !

Our idea was to talk to the elders of the community, particularly the ranchers and long-time residents who seemed to have a special connection en route for the land. We discovered that a bite different happens when people talk en route for kids. The old-timers remembered things they hadn't thought about in years -- important things like rainy Christmas mornings, the best spots for catching steelhead, and what it was like riding along the muddy roads to discipline in a horse drawn sulky carry with difficulty. We began to see ourselves at the same time as the gatherers of stories that would otherwise be forgotten, and this became an ongoing labor of love chronic by students each subsequent year. After that indeed, as time went on, we discovered that many people we knew and worked with every day, equally young and old, had unique perspectives and remarkable experiences to tell a propos.

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