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I began to rectify this glaring hole in my bookish experience two years ago when my library bought the first few Nancy Drew books. I read and enjoyed the first two before getting distracted by another book. I was excited to have the opportunity to read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie but when I tried to get into it the first time I was concerned that my lack of inside information about this trio would mean I would be lost before I started. Finally giving up on getting to know Nancy better and the Hardy Boys at all first I dove into this graphic novel today and it was surprisingly awesome! In this story we find ourselves in postcard perfect Bayport. The illustrations matched the style of the story; dark, murky at times, with plenty of shadows to add to the ambience. Only watched some old movies of Nancy -that would explain why I'm not part of the 'Nancy was so cool' of the old crowd.

Add together your rating See all 3 adolescent reviews. What's the story? But they don't know that she was an investigative journalist who may have gotten tangled up with some very dodgy people. Their police detective father uproots them from their home in fantastic Dixon City named for the charge series' author's pen name Franklin W. Dixon and relocates them for the summer to small town Bridgeport, anywhere he and his late wife grew up, their families still live, after that peril abounds. The boys enmesh themselves quickly in the local kid background set in the s, they appear to be free of parents after that set to puzzling through the a lot of mysteries that surround them, including who killed their mother.


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