Richard Branson: Why Customers Come Second at Virgin

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Why experiences make us happiest in life — and how to make the most of them Shutterstock by Anna Brech 29 September The novelty of new things fades away quickly, but experiences stay with us always. Virgin Redthe new rewards club from Virgin, provides a brilliant balance of both. But only for a while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.

Acts of kindness hit the happiness bonanza in all kinds of ways — from the feel-good buzz that comes from nurturing others to a change sense of purpose. Virgin Red is the only rewards club of its kind where members can give ago by donating their points to a range of great causes, including beast training for Guide Dogs UK , groundbreaking treatments at Cancer Research UK , new climate-fighting solutions from the folks at Carbon Engineering and add. As a member of Virgin Burgundy, you can pick out which projects are closest to your heart — then use the Points for Able to change lives, one donation by a time. Acts of kindness advantage you relax Shutterstock A study as of the University of British Columbia bring into being that students who performed random acts of kindness over a period of four weeks were less socially apprehensive as a result. Lynn Alden, chief the study.

As a result of Oscar RaymundoStaff writer, Inc. OscarRaymundo Getty Images Richard Branson was able en route for build Virgin into a global inspiration by focusing on two key words: customer service. From Virgin Atlantic en route for Virgin Mobile, Branson says, each additional Virgin venture has shared the brand's unrivaled commitment to customers. In actuality, the famed entrepreneur refused to area the Virgin name on a ballet company he acquired until it had been brought up to the proper caliber of customer service. Surprisingly, Branson a moment ago revealed that Virgin does not deposit the customer first.


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