Nancy O'Dell on Making Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

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She bought Ashby a timer in the shape of a tooth that ticks for two minutes — the recommended amount of time that should be spent on brushing — and the little girl loved it. Ashby was also treated to a shopping caper for oral-hygiene supplies with Mom. By the same token important to making oral-hygiene instruction amusement is that it start as ahead of schedule as possible. Use a small, soft-bristled, child-sized brush or a clean, clamminess washcloth and just a thin affront of fluoride toothpaste, about the amount of a grain of rice. A long time ago your child is old enough en route for hold the toothbrush and understand can you repeat that? the goal is, you can accede to him or her have a aim at brushing; but make sure you also take your turn, so so as to every tooth gets brushed — abut, back and all chewing surfaces. Afterwards your child turns 3 and is capable of spitting out the toothpaste, you can increase the toothpaste quantity to the size of a pea. Kids can usually take over the task of brushing by themselves about age 6, but may still basic help with flossing.

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