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In order to keep up with the demands of being in college, students will often sacrifice their sleep. While this might seem like a good idea at the time, losing sleep can impact your academic performance and increase your stress levels. According to our National College Health Assessment data, about 60 percent of WSU students say they feel tired, dragged out or sleepy for more than three days out of the week. Sleep is incredibly important. After all, sleeping is how our body recharges and prepares for busy, stressful days ahead. College students need about hours of sleep each night.

Account Welcome to your next home-away-from-home at this juncture at Cougar Camp! This wonderfully dye vacation home is located in the popular Deer Mountain area, located accurate to all the Northern Hills entertaining activities. Recreational Springs is within 1 mile of the property, where you can connect up with the area ATV and snowmobile trails and be carry to your hearts desire! Looking en route for do some sightseeing? Spearfish Canyon, along with it's beautiful ponds, streams, canyon walls, caves and hike is within a 5 minute drive from the acreage.

After all, the Top Gun script is at this juncture for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Tom Coast. I know, I know, I allay need to get the cast names in there and I'll be ceaselessly tweaking it, so if you allow any corrections, feel free to abandon me a line. You won't ache my feelings. Top Gun Script Break of day, Scott. Morning, Wells. Ghost Rider, we have an unknown aircraft. Vector designed for bogey. Maverick and Goose. You catch them.


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