Come a Little Bit Closer

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With the increased proximity to the camera and the norm of webcams, we are becoming witnesses to the world. In an evening of performance artworks, Come a Little Closer, artists explore the concept of online witnessing, questioning what it means to be present with the realities of others through the screen. This cohort of performance artists employ an amalgamation of disciplines and mediums in their practices including escapology, embodiment, music and virtual reality, coming from their intensive exploration with each other on how audiences view art in the digital age. In accordance with the observances of Nidah, Vrinda must insert a bedikah cloth in her vagina to check for lingering menstrual blood for seven consecutive days before being able to ritually purify in the Mikvah. Man to Man — Jose Guadalupe Sanchez and Sean Doran As children, boys are taught that being a man means never showing weakness, to contain and restrain their emotions, and to find strength in independence. Through the acts of witnessing and acceptance, the performance, at its core, begins to investigate the boundaries of masculinity, questioning if such a category needs to exist. In Man to Man, Jose Sanchez and Sean Doran continue to challenge the establishment of masculinity, finding strength through their own vulnerability and the support of the other, the two begin to tear down the stigmas surrounding men. Witness of Land by Hings Lim Trees are living time capsules of land.

Act More Songs are poems set en route for music. They come in all altered varieties, genres and styles but a lot the message conveyed is similar. All the rage modern music the message or argument usually relates to love or basis abuse. A few decades ago, the messages were comparable, and even all the same society was quite different then, the themes in music were relatively the same. Both of these songs allocate a common idea of women cheating. This song was released in Soul music borrows heavily from beat and blues and jazz. This brand of sound does not appeal en route for me.

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