Purpose of a Lap Dance

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Honestly, I'm scratching my head and having to re-examine some of the fundamentals. For example, lap dances. Now, I've always though lap dances were pretty straight forward. A girl dances on you, and the purpose is to sexually excite you. And if she does a good enough job of dancing on you, you splooge. And if she doesn't, you just get all horny and excited and go back to your seat with blue balls. Which, I always figured, was not a desirable outcome. Which is why guys are usually looking for the highest mileage, and generally frown on air dances. That always seemed pretty clear and pretty obvious.

You might associate lap dances with dodgy places like strip clubs, but essentially it can be a really able way to spice up the affiliation and try something new for a change. Here are some tips en route for give your partner a lap ball to remember! The more comfortable you are, the better you both bidding enjoy it. Wear some nice underwear. Have your partner sit in a chair before you begin. Feel at no cost to decorate the room, make it a special occasion!

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