Baby names inspired by love

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November 28, Gender-neutral. No matter how you slice it, baby names that skip gender stereotypes are all the rage. They're cool and modern sounding, and offer parents a sense of freedom from socially constructed boundaries when it comes to naming their children. Read on to discover our list of unisex names that are great options for your baby boy or girl. Gender-neutral names Stevie, Logan, Tatum, and Eden are no longer predictable. Last names are first names, traditionally boy names are up for grabs for girls, and naming babies has never been quite this fun and free. Once upon a time, it was the other way around — not even showing on top-1, lists for girls' names until

You can't go wrong with love. After that there are so many great names that mean love or beloved en route for choose from. Here are just a few. Baby girl names meaning adoration Adore Adore means to love before to worship or loved child, depending on which language you are cartoon from.

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