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Follow these 5 steps to practice serve and return with your child. Notice the serve and share the child's focus of attention Is the child looking or pointing at something? Making a sound or facial expression? Moving those little arms and legs? The key is to pay attention to what the child is focused on. Return the serve by supporting and encouraging You can offer children comfort with a hug and gentle words, help them, play with them, or acknowledge them. Or you can pick up an object a child is pointing to and bring it closer. Never getting a return can actually be stressful for a child. When you return a serve, children know that their thoughts and feelings are heard and understood.

We consider ourselves to be stewards of the game of football and a good number importantly, we consider working for the NFL to be fun. There is a fulfillment unlike any other so as to comes from working alongside like-minded individuals to achieve a common purpose. Whether you are working to deliver a memorable Super Bowl or aiding the process of delivering games to millions of fans on Sundays— we accept as true all of us play an central role in fulfilling the NFL's aim of working to unite people after that inspire communities. There is joy all the rage delivering the game of football by the highest professional level and bringing to life the world's most electrify sports and entertainment experience.

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