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Do Lions Purr? Share Do Lions Purr? National Wildlife answers 10 pressing questions about the animal kingdom Doug Stewart Apr 01, Time again to dig through the mailbag for questions about wildlife that have lately vexed, intrigued or otherwise baffled our readers. So, without further ado, here are the answers to our editors' top 10 choices of your queries.

In history, these frogs were harvested for cooking frog legs and are still old today for dissection practice in ecology class. Northern Leopard Frogs are a propos the size of a plum, ranging from 7 to 12 centimetres. They have a variety of unique affect morphs, or genetic colour variations. They can be different shades of bottle green and brown with rounded black spots across its back and legs after that can even appear with no spots at all known as a burnsi morph. They have white bellies after that two light coloured dorsal back ridges.

Their claw marks do not show all the rage the track. Their toes slant — similar to human feet — indicating left or right foot. Click at this juncture for more information on mountain lion tracks, scat and other signs. Bundle lions once ranged more extensively than any other mammal in the Western Hemisphere.

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