Why I Slept With a Married Man and What I Learned

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Perhaps this is because, in the context of marriage and committed relationships, women are still accustomed to doing things according to cultural norms and expectations — whether due to pressure, obligation, or simply as part of a trade-off. What women do in marriage tells us less about what they want than about what they value. In their affairs, however, we get a penetrating glimpse into their free will. Far be it from me to justify infidelity, but as a seeker of truth, I have come to find the truth often hides in places that are less comfortable. They met at the Brooklyn coworking space where she runs her startup. When I inquire as to why, she tells me that in the last year, she has lost interest in sex. It really freaked me out. I reached out to my old flame to find out if I had really lost that part of myself. In my conversations with her, we explore the fact that she often finds it difficult to hold on to her own identity in the context of her relationships.

Allow a question? At the suggestion of a therapist, I sought out after that found a wonderful man in a similar situation. We became friends after that then lovers. The sex is the best of my entire life.

The novel asks: is carnal desire add intense and profound when outside the strictures of marriage? On which addendum, here are my 10 favourite novels on the agonies and ecstasies of the extramarital adventure: 1. He becomes obsessed with claiming Sarah as his own. His jealousy is fuelled as a result of the despair of knowing that he will probably never have a accurate life with her.


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