Where did Lets go Brandon come from?

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People who do like Joe Biden started fighting it on social media, as if the phrase were the latest and greatest threat to democracy, and social media were the place where great threats to democracy should be fought. If you happen to have seen a liberal on your timeline in the past few weeks tweeting ThankYouBrandon to a president they are purporting to like and support, this is why. But as for all of it together, the bigger question is still unanswered: Why? This is the beginning of a massive and unstoppable RED wave. We are coming to take back our rights, our freedom, Congress and the White House next.

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Let's go us. In the interview, Auburn said that he is a Republican. He wrote that the anti-Biden euphemism has a similar tone to the word SNAFUwhich stands for Situation Average — All Fucked Up, or en route for the word cuckservatives a portmanteau of cuckold and conservatives which is old by some conservatives to describe erstwhile conservatives perceived as being in actuality liberals. McWhorter described the Let's Attempt Brandon phenomenon as simply fascinating, after that a wild, woolly kink in the intersection of language, politics, wit, after that creativity. She found this slogan awkward, as it does not make awareness for Biden supporters to replace his name with someone else. BushMarc Thiessen commented that the chant was bland compared to what has been alleged about other presidents.

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