Differences Between Compassionate and Passionate Love

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Influence on Relationships As anyone who has ever lived and loved can confirm, not all types of love are the same. The love you feel for your partner during the early stages of a romance can feel much different than the love you may feel years later into the relationship. Psychologist Elaine Hatfield has described two different types of romantic love: compassionate also known as companionate and passionate. Compassionate love involves feelings of mutual respect, trustand affection while passionate love involves intense feelings and sexual attraction. Hatfield defines passionate love as a state of intense longing for union with another.

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You simply love them and want naught more than their happiness. This brand of love, sometimes called compassionate before agape love, might sound somewhat accustomed. Maybe it brings to mind the love your parents have for you or the love you have designed for your own child. While people a lot associate unconditional love with familial adoration, many look for this love all the rage romantic relationships, too. Wanting someone en route for love you for yourself — denial matter what — is an clear desire. Yet this type of adoration might still seem like the belongings of fairy tales and movies, not something most people encounter in actual life.


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