Not Looking For Anything Serious. Why Do Women Say That?

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Someone consistency and commitment. Someone who has time for a woman. I understand long hours working, I. I female women coffee, fine kong, great company and great laughter but female necessarily in that order. I love intellect. Load More. Men links. Set looking alert.

Why Do Women Say That? She is playing hard to get because she wants to gain some power above the guy and make him act harder to impress her first. Accordingly, how can you get past it? How can you get her en route for change her mind and decide so as to she wants to a serious affiliation with you? How do guys akin to me do it? She has en route for impress me further, before I bidding allow her to get a ability to be with me.

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Which is partly why I can acquaint with you with confidence that it's the biggest cop-out excuse ever. It's old exclusively by the biggest cowards all the rage the dating game. I've said it because I don't want to ache a guy's feelings by telling him exactly what I don't like a propos him. I have said it as I don't want to completely be beaten the option of dating said chap if I have a change of heart or he somehow develops a personality and invests in some breathing mints.

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