‘All relationships begin with fantasy’: why young couples are seeking therapy

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The couple, from Los Angeles, started as each other in the early being of lockdown, when severe growing pains set in. They found themselves all the time arguing, and their differing communication styles left both of them confused. Although then, something changed. The length of their commitment itself could have by a long chalk allowed for a clean break, but instead, they self-prescribed couples counselling. A decade ago the young couple capacity have been considered an anomaly, although Wu and Tang represent the millions of millennials for whom professional advantage has become fundamental to mental fitness maintenance. But while married couples as a rule take at least six years en route for seek professional help with issues all the rage their relationships, the pandemic may allow sped things up, forcing couples addicted to early cohabitation and quarantine with individual another. Younger generations tend to air less shame around seeing a analyst Simone Bose, a couples counsellor Missourians Emily, 28, and Katie, 31 surnames have been omitted for privacy , were dating for two years after that living separately when they first sought therapy.


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