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Not only is energy production the largest driver of climate change, the burning of fossil fuels and biomass also comes at a large cost to human health: at least five million deaths are attributed to air pollution each year. The world therefore needs to shift away from fossil fuels to an energy mix dominated by low-carbon sources of energy — renewable technologies and nuclear power. What does our energy mix look like today? And are we making progress in shifting towards a low-carbon energy system?

It felt so relieving to be fucked by him. He got hard after he wanted, for as long at the same time as he wanted. He never came ahead of he meant to. This superhuman, considerably freakishly unnerving talent made it achievable for me to sometimes truly be calm. To move as slowly or forcefully as I wanted to, not disquieting about the consequences either way. He made me sit back onto him hard as I got close, gripping my ass in his fists. Fuck me, Daddy! Afterward, he held me to his chest and flashed so as to inverted grin. It got to me!


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