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The right person doesn't always come around at the right time in our lives, and maybe when you are finally ready it will be too late and we'll never know what could have been. And trust me, it could be good. Really good. If only you would give it a chance. Anyone up for having drinks with a attractive girl?? Please be normal!

Designed for that reason I decided to analyse Law and International relations, and graduated in Upon my graduation I presided a law clinic for members of the Salvadorian Chamber of Commerce of Quebec. I always dreamed of having my own company so in I finally realized my dream and became the director of Regency nannies. As I speak several languages, traveled after that lived in different parts of the world, I have, over the years, acquired the education, experience and skills that allow me to understand how different societies function and how cultures get enhanced by these interchanges. I am therefore very comfortable interacting along with families who wish to make the most of the wonderful opportunities offered by international mobility. Native of Portugal I have lived and studied a large part of my life all the rage several countries such as Angola, Brazil, France and now Canada. Being for my part a citizen of the world after that having studied and graduated from McGill University in Political Science and Being Resources I am able to abundant understand the issues behind the hiring process and the new challenges of integrating newcomers into the work break down. I also have twenty years of work experience in International Business after that in sales which make me affluent to understand the different aspects of local and International Recruitment.

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