The Camrose Booster May 1 2012

Woman from Camrose looking 610758

Paint on the inner chambers of thy brain The winged and glittering bay Learn the near ocean's slumbers refrain, Calling, Away away Not for this day alone of Nature's cup Hast thou in transport quaffed Far hence thy spirit shall be lifted up By this one perfect draught. And through a golden haze in years to come, 11 When the long summers burn, And in the rainless bills the brooks are dumb, The glory will return. Then thou shalt hear the cool sea billows break, Across the harbour bar, And the blue ripple of the mountain lane Shall glisten from afar. For this is Nature's largess colour, tone, cl Splendour of land or sea, IIAll that she once reveals, becomes thine own For days that are to be. Greatest of Bores.

Briand was hardly exaggerating when he alleged that the situation was not an industrial strike, but an attempt by revolu- tion. To-day, in spite of a slight improve- ment on the railways, there is a new civil disobedience of labour. The men of the Builders' Union of Paris, representing all grade of the building trade—carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, navvies, Ac. They have cast off work as a protest against the arrest of the leaders of the railway strike. As I passed all the way through the Latin Quarter last night says the Daily Chronicle correspon- dent crowds of students were howling down the dark streets carrying candles and lan- terns, and outside the cafes the crowds abused King Pataud, the activist autocrat, and with a shrug of the shoulders asked each other how iong the city was to be in such misery Bomb Exploded After that there came a new sensation: a terrific explosion in the neighbourhood of. The large iron gates had been wrenched from their hinges, every casement of the house was broken, after that great damage was done inside. The building was in the occupation of M.

Afterwards going undefeated in the Sherwood Common Indoor League,they won both of the CASA qualifiers and earned victories all the rage three out of four games all the rage the provincials. Del Pedrick, Director of Hockey Development. When: Tuesday, April 24, at p. RSVP today at before debra.


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