Why do gay men and straight women make such great friends?

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Researchers asked more than bisexual women and those who report being attracted to more than one gender about their mental health, how open they are about their sexuality, their experiences with discrimination, and any symptoms of depression. Among their findings is that bisexual women in relationships with heterosexual cisgender men were least likely to be open about their sexual orientation. However, bi women were more likely to be out with a bisexual male partner than a heterosexual male partner, suggesting that a shared bisexual identity might be meaningful. Xavier Hall said the exact reasons for this finding are unclear.

Gay men, too, were more likely en route for trust advice from straight women than from straight men or lesbians. They thought that straight women were add likely than gay men, but not significantly more likely than lesbians, en route for help them find a mate. All the rage all this, the researchers see aid for their hypothesis that close friendships between straight women and gay men may be characterized by a distinctive exchange of unbiased mating-relevant information so as to may not be available in their other relationships. As the study's award puts it, they're Friends with benefits, but without the sex. For gay men, facing shared social challenges, at the same time as they do with lesbians, appears en route for matter much less in the arrangement of deep emotional bonds than the ability to mutually assist one a different in the dating world. When they attempt to explain why straight women, although trusting of gay men, achieve them more or less useless all the rage helping them find a mate, the researchers' theories become more theoretical. Perhaps, they posit, the women understand so as to gay men don't tend to allow many close, straight, male friends. Before maybe the dating pool is big enough for straight women than they don't need help identifying potential partners, while gay men are more apt to benefit from a straight lady friend's help in tracking down erstwhile gay men. And, bringing it altogether home, they remind us that above-board women tend to be good friends with gay men: Therefore, it is likely that gay men perceive women to have close connections with erstwhile gay men who could become adore partners.


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