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Bairn — n — Another word for baby, usually used in Scotland. Ball bag — n — Scrotum. Balloon Knot — n- The anus. An ecstasy pill 2. The female clitoris. Beat the bishop — v — To masturbate. Bell-end — n — The end of the male genitalia.

Bay Wheel A heterosexual in a homosexual group. Fist To insert part before all of one's hand into the anus or vagina of a femininity partner Flaming Very outwardly gay manly who displays stereotypical gay behaviors Likes it in the poop shooter: Has a particular affinity for anal femininity Fluffer Someone who would help a different to arousal for a third accessory Porn Film, photographer, sex party etc Fluffy Term used by lesbians Connotation a woman is turned on All the rage gay male leather circles, this meant term is meant for someone who isn't into the dress code Derives from the description of someone who wears bulky or fluffy sweaters A putdown from a leather man capacity be: You look awfully fluffy tonight Also can be used as a Derogatory term for a Bear at the same time as in He thinks he's so butch but he's really just a Downy Freeballing As 'Going Commando' Men are going out and are not abrasion underpants under their trousers. Frotting Abrasion two penises together for sexual amusement. Usually, both men stand or be down facing each other so so as to the undersides of both penises affect along their entire length, allowing individual person to masturbate both penises all together. The warmth of the other penis and the added stimulation from acquaintance along the entire length of the shaft can create increased sensation compared to ordinary mutual masturbation. She eats furburgers.

A propos sharing Image source, Thinkstock Once a few kind of sex in public capacity have led to arrest and action. Now police across much of the UK take a softly-softly approach, writes Julie Bindel. Decades ago, the constabulary in the UK did their best to stop gay men having femininity in public toilets and outdoor cruising grounds. Men were frequently arrested, prosecuted and often jailed. Today much has changed and the police take assistance on sensitivity and fairness in big business with those who have sex all the rage public places.


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