Boring to Bombshell : 7 Chic Ways to Style Your Bangs

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Here are a few of our favorite fun options for a new look! Ideas by Hair Length Short. Love the slicked-back look? Just part it on the side and add some styling gel for a stunning, classy look. Short hair also looks great when it has a lot of texture.

We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we back. Why trust us? A gorgeous fringe haircut. Getting bangs isn't that big of a agreement. If you're toying with the aim of finally getting bangs, rest certain that a good fringe is individual of the coolest haircut changes you can ever get at a beauty salon — and it just might constant be the hottest hair trend designed for the new year, too! After altogether, bangs can do wonders when you're looking to bring a fresh bring up to date to your signature hairstyle: they body your face in a flattering approach, and can even add a bit of edge and personality to your everyday look. Plus, there's truly a fringe style for everyone — whether you're rocking long layers or a short bob , have an egg-shaped face shape or a rounder individual.

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