Everything You Need to Know About Trypophobia : Fear of Holes

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Trypophobia refers to a strong fear or disgust of closely packed holes. People who have this phobia typically feel queasy, disgusted, and distressed when looking at surfaces that have small holes gathered close together or clustered into a pattern. Read on to learn more about the fear of holes, including potential triggers, causes, and how to get support when it causes extreme distress. Trypophobia is mainly visual. If you have this phobia, you might feel anxiety, disgust, and discomfort when looking at things like:. Animals with spotted skin or fur — think leopards, Dalmatians, or poison dart frogs — can also prompt revulsion and fear. Some people with a fear of holes have an aversion to surfaces with irregularly shaped holes only. They may not notice the same level of discomfort when looking at surfaces with holes of the same size, like those in a showerhead or on a fabric patterned with polka dots. While you might associate phobias with fear, research from suggests most people with trypophobia experience disgust — not fear — as a primary symptom.

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