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The purpose of LEX is to recognize students who have demonstrated superior academic performance. Members participate in many paralegal events and are inducted at the Paralegal Program's end-of-year luncheon. It is an honor that can be listed on the student's resume. This club links our students with other students in paralegal programs across the country who have demonstrated academic excellence. To be eligible, a student must have completed at least two-thirds of the program requirements and maintained a GPA of 3. This wonderful achievement is recognized by colleges and employers as a distinguished accomplishment. Students who are inducted are presented with a certificate and a specially designed LEX pin at a formal ceremony. Advisor: Adrienne Motel, Adrienne. Motel ncc.

All the rage these portrayals, students meet their all-time best friends in their fraternity before sorority, nightlife is centered around having fun at frat parties, and association in Greek life acts as a catapult to the top of the undergraduate social ladder. These characterizations can not fully reflect reality, but the presence of Greek life on a college campus can certainly provide benefits for the student body. Frats after that sororities often serve as hubs of social life, help students meet all other, and provide opportunities for members to get involved on campus. Arrange the other hand, the culture of collegiate Greek life has faced budding backlash in recent years, as dodgy behaviors like hazing have become all the time more exposed. A number of schools along with well-established Greek systems have begun en route for question the presence of these organizations on their campuses.

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UHV Student Organizations Yoga The goal of Yoga is to help individuals de-stress and build strength while engaging all the rage yoga promoting inner balance, flexibility, after that health. African Student Association works en route for promote African culture by educating the campus and bringing all African students and well-wishers of African culture all together as one. Artists Anonymous Artists Dull AA is a club comprised of anyone interested in arts and altogether creative mediums including design, drawing, canvas, typography, writing, and more. Automobile Aficionado Association The Automobile Enthusiast Association exists to bring people together and allocate their enthusiasm and knowledge of cars. They provide an uplifting community along with the opportunity to learn the abc of car etiquette. Christians on Property practices faith, receives all believers all the rage Christ, and educates others about Christ. This organization challenges these students as a result of presenting them with situations which bidding enhance their technological skills.


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