Relationships in couples treated with sperm donation - a national prospective follow-up study

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Download PDF Learning about infertility can cause stress. You may worry about the impact on your relationship or feel a loss of self-esteem. Talk with your health care provider if you think that the topic of infertility may be having an impact on your emotional well-being and consider whether a support group or some counseling could be helpful. Infertility is most likely to happen before cancer treatment and just after treatment is finished.

Conceptual Background Long-term follow-up on relationship attribute in couples who use sperm bequest is scarce. Therefore, this study designed to analyse changes over time all the rage satisfaction with relationship in heterosexual couples who were scheduled for treatment along with sperm donation and IVF couples treated with their own gametes and en route for compare the two groups undergoing altered treatment for infertility. Method A approach follow-up study in which data were collected twice on two groups; couples receiving sperm donation and IVF couples using their own gametes. Results By the time of acceptance for action the men and women in the two groups assessed their relationships at the same time as being very solid on all dimensions and that there were no differences between the two groups. Conclusion All the rage conclusion, the overall quality of affiliation is stable in couples receiving donated sperm and does not differ as of couples undergoing IVF-treatment with own gametes. Peer Review reports Background Studies arrange how heterosexual couples adjust to big business with different types of infertility diagnoses and subsequent treatment are generally all the rage agreement in that most couples act to handle their relationship and alteration well, both before and after action [ 1 — 5 ]. The couple might react to this additional situation by developing an even stronger partner relationship or by experiencing a few negative changes in their relationship.

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