Girls with guns: Meet three women who love hunting

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Map: Omeo Girls with guns: Meet three women who love hunting A growing number of women who love adventure and the outdoors are embracing a traditionally male-dominated pastime — hunting. Their passion for the skills they learn and the challenges they work through is evident, as is the amount of criticism they attract. Emma Sears, 24, nurse Emma Sears grew up in a farming family in Stratford, in Victoria's East Gippsland, and was out hunting ducks, rabbits and foxes at a young age. As an older teenager she started learning how to hunt deer and other game. It's ingrained in their culture and their values.

Published on Sunday, Feb. It was a frozen winter dawn on the Thompson family farm and hunting property. The two nursing students were concealed all the rage a box stand, a simple impassive structure with openings to shoot all the way through. The deer was a brown blotch on the tree line yards absent. Cadi, a fresh-faced, confident year-old, has been hunting white-tailed deer since she was 7. She lifted up her rifle and checked the animal all the way through the telescopic sights. She passed the rifle to soft-spoken, dark-haired Amber McMillen, 26, who had gone hunting a few times, but never killed a deer before. Erin Potter, 27, a different friend from the nursing program by the University of Mississippi Medical Center, was half a mile away all the rage another deer stand. A petite fair-haired with manicured nails and a cynical sense of humor, Erin is an experienced deer hunter, and like Cadi, she shoots a.

As of cavemen to famous hunters like Ernest Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt, the action has been male-dominated for the adult year of history. But an exciting alter has emerged. In recent years, absurd numbers of women have taken ahead hunting for both necessity and favourite. And the hunting industry has taken notice. Gone are the days after a man leaves his wife after to go hunting. Women with guns and bows are not only appropriate a staple on hunting trips, although they're also taking to the woods and plains on their own, as long as food and resources for their families without having to rely on a grocery store or butcher. With add opportunity than ever, the time is ripe for women to don conceal and ghillie suits, hit tree stands and duck blinds, and take amount in the rewarding act of hunting. Because, when it comes down en route for it, there's no reason not en route for.


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