1000 Things You Don't Know About Women

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Bruce McArthur, 67, was arrested last January and charged in the deaths of two men. Police subsequently charged him in six other cases as they continued to uncover evidence in their investigation. Many were also marginalised in some way, either because of their sexuality or because of homelessness or substance abuse. Most had ties to Toronto's Gay Village. Who were McArthur's eight victims?

Constant though he was a master clown comic, it's still too bad he never pursued roles of a akin dramatic caliber since he obviously had the talent. Similarly, Diana Ross by no means fulfilled the promise of her adult screen debut in the title character as legendary jazz singer Billie Anniversary Bearing no physical and a small amount vocal resemblance to Holiday, Ross by hook or by crook gets under her true-life character's casing much like Joaquin Phoenix does all the rage Walk the Line or Jamie Foxx in Ray. Thirty-three years have elapsed since I first saw this film, and it is with a a few amount of regret that I account that Ross as an actress has not been anywhere near this able since then. Granted she only has three features under her belt, 's Mahogany reflected an ego run amok, and she was disturbingly miscast all the rage 's The Wiz. From the aperture scene where she is suffering all the way through heroin withdrawal in raw, harrowing allocate to her sultrier nightclub performances, she manages to be incendiary by her sheer will. She is even believable in the early scenes where she is barely a teenager. Her choral performances really don't evoke Holiday's earthier style, though to Ross's credit, her vivid renditions of standards such at the same time as Mean to Me, Fine and Calm and Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer don't sound akin to Supremes redux either.

Activity Junk food for women? Pass the Doritas PepsiCo is on the absolute track with its plans to aim snack products aimed at women, writes Vinay Menon. Unlike other parts of the culture, gender stereotypes are not frowned upon in food advertising. Adult Chocolate would never feel a basic to brand along masculine-feminine lines after that tell consumers Crispello is for women while Pocky is for men. Act me a second spot in which a burly lumberjack is devouring a quinoa salad and I will act you a vendor that is not serious about staying in business. En route for the marketers, you are what you eat.


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